I Feel A Change Coming On – Logojoy Review


I love nursing and caring for people. I can say with certainty that it is what I was born to do. It is my superpower. So come January I am going to be taking a big leap and setting up a care blog. It will be filled with useful information on illnesses, tips and tricks for caregivers and monthly challenges to help you get the most out of life. I have been spending weeks and months building up the content and then last week I was all ready to launch when I realised that I was missing one vital piece of information – a logo. I am not entirely sure how I forgot this, but I did. I didn’t have a huge amount of money to spend and I was worried that I wouldn’t get anything that would reflect me or my brand as a result. Less than 24 hours later, I was contacted by the lovely people at Logojoy and asked would I be interested in trying out their service in return for a logo. The gods above had been watching out for me, I think!

Before I go any further, I was given a premium logo in return for my opinion, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and I wouldn’t recommend the service if I didn’t like it.

Logojoy is very simple to use. You enter the name of your business and your slogan and then the generator starts to ask you questions. You must pick at least 5 logos that you like, select your brand colours and finally the graphics that appeal to you. There are so many choices and suggestions that it is virtually impossible not to get sucked down the rabbit hole and never be seen again. I think I spent well over an hour searching for logos and perfecting the slogan.

Once you have made your selections, Logojoy then generates a whole host of logos to suit your requirements. The part that I loved most is that everything is customisable. Logojoy is the #1 logo maker online and I was concerned that I would end up with something similar to other designs or that it I might be unhappy with the service but it really was exactly what I was looking for. And you don’t pay for anything until you are 100% happy with the design. Once you have paid and downloaded the logo, you will also be given brand guidelines to ensure that you always retain full rights over your design.



So here is my finished design. It will be on my business cards and email footer and it is perfectly me. I have a corporate logo and I needed something that was softer and pinker and me!

In typical Susan fashion, I made an error in downloading the logo and couldn’t figure out the problem. I am 100% certain that my error is as a result of far too much work over the last month and not enough sleep. The lovely Felicia was on the case immediately, sorted it out and sent me back the amended files. The only issue that I encountered, and it’s not even a real issue but something to be aware of, is that I am at least 6 hours ahead of America so it took a day or two for it to be sorted as I was receiving replies to my emails after I had gone to bed. This isn’t a real issue but just a point of note in case, like me, that you haven’t had enough coffee and make a right error.

If you are looking for a new design, Logojoy is giving a $20 discount if you use this link to create your own beautiful logo. I will get a $20 referral for every logo purchased.


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