Living Arrows 9/52 Summer Sun

summer sunThe weather has finally started to pick up. It has been an exceptionally cold and wet winter. It doesn’t happen often but when it does we aren’t used to it. The summer sun finally showed its face this weekend. We spent most of our time outdoors. I really should have spent some time unpacking but it was far more fun to have a picnic outside with Alex and Emma. None of us have been sleeping very well since we moved so it was great to spend some time outside and away from our normal day-to-day lives – even if we didn’t leave the house.

picking flowers in the summer sun

The good thing about living in Cyprus is that you always know that you are going to have a fantastic summer. It can be hard when the winter is long, but this weekend renewed my enthusiasm for the summer (although come back to me in July and August when I am melting and I may not be as enthusiastic!!). Alex and I were making plans for the beach and the swimming and all the sand castles that we are going to build.



Living Arrows

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