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Dementia Support Group


I love writing about books and Alex and Emma. I love taking pictures and going to the beach. I love cooking food and spending time exploring Cyprus. However, my true passion is caring for people. It is all I know and all I want to know. Nursing is the job that I never knew I wanted to do until a chance offer landed me in a nursing home, working in the kitchen. I absolutely hated the job but I loved the residents in equal measure. I loved chatting with them and sometimes crying with them. I adored their families and all of a sudden I knew that I wanted to be a carer. In very quick succession to this, I realised that I wanted to be a nurse as I wanted all the knowledge and I wanted it now. I count myself so very lucky to have found what I wanted to do with my life at such a young age. Not many 15 years olds can say that they want to spend their summers in a nursing home.

6 years ago, this week, I set up a home care agency, here in Cyprus. The business has been through the mill over the last 6 years – as are most businesses in their early years. It has taken on an entirely different form to what I originally envisioned it to be, but sometimes what we want and what is needed are two vastly different things. One thing has remained constant though, and this is my absolute love for caring for people. What I didn’t expect was to spend a lot of my time giving advice. I am the person people call when there is a broken hip, a dementia diagnosis and everything in between. It has prompted me to start a facebook group providing support to those who are dealing with dementia. I don’t know everything, but I know a lot and I want to be able to support people as best as I can in a setting that doesn’t need me to be physically sitting in front of them. Not only will you get advice from me, but you will be supported by others in the group who are also dealing with a diagnosis of dementia.

You can find the Facebook Group Here




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