Why We Wont Be Going Home This Year

Why We Wont Be Going Home This Year


We haven’t been at home in nearly 4 years. Alex was just a little baby the last time we were home, and Emma has been yet. Michael and I talk regularly about going home, but it really just isn’t something that appeals to us. The hassle alone involved in getting there just turns me right off ever wanting to go back. But at least once a day Alex asks me when are we going to see Nana and Grandad. When you have little people handing you the equivalent of 10 cent in 1s and telling you that is all that you need to pay for the flights, it really pulls on your heart. However, there are a lot of factors at play when we decide to go home.

We spend an obscene amount of money on flights

I honestly believe I could get to anywhere in the world for cheaper than I can get home to Ireland. Pre Alex and Emma we have flown unsociable hours, all night and spent long hours wandering around the most obscure airports just to spent a week at home. I found it hard enough at the time but now, it would be my worst nightmare with two kids in tow (and I am also rapidly approaching old age so I should be afforded some comforts!). Trying to find flights that connect with a relatively short connection time and that don’t bankrupt us in nigh on impossible. Now don’t forget to add-on baggage and the car seats and we are looking at upwards of €1,500 JUST FOR FLIGHTS. Don’t forget that we have to rent a car and somewhere to stay too.

We spend our time visiting other people instead of having a ‘holiday’

This is a hard one to discuss without sounding completely ungrateful but I really dislike going back to Ireland and spending the entire time visiting family and friends. It’s not that I don’t want to see these people, I really do. BUT when we get one week to relax and spend time as a family, I don’t want to spend my days wrestling the kids into the car seats and listening to the sat nav send us into the nearest river/lake/sea.


I cannot cope with rain. Seven years of sun, virtually 365 days a year has spoiled me. I rejoice when we get the odd day of rain, here in Cyprus, and if it rains during the summer you will see me outside dancing in it, but that is all I can cope with – 1 day. I need sun. My body cannot cope with the rain. It does funny things and causes me a lot of pain. So when I come home to Ireland and it rains all the time, I cry. A lot.

Finding it all ‘too hectic’

Compared to a lot of countries, I guess that it could be said that the Irish live at a slower pace than most. Unfortunately, compared to the Cypriots, the Irish are the Olympic gold medalists of the 100 meter sprint. Cyprus is so laid back we are virtually horizontal, so I find being in Ireland stressful. I have unfortunately become accustomed to the slow way of life here, and the answer to everything being “siga, siga” which translates to slowly slowly. It is also possible that I am finding it too hectic because I am driving all over the country – who knows.

Because I end up needing another holiday

As I get back on the plane, exhausted and dreading the 24 hours it will take to return to Cyprus, I find myself needing another holiday. I wonder was the last week or five worth it and how long it will take me to catch up on lost sleep from this hideous journey home.

Not only do we regularly debate about going home on holiday, but we always talk about whether we should move home permanently. There will be a whole separate post about why we won’t be leaving Cyprus anytime soon as I could be listing reasons to stay for hours.

I love seeing our family and eating some foods that we desperately miss, but on the whole I find that I just don’t ‘fit’ Ireland any more. To me, Ireland is like an old friend who will always be there for me when I need it, but that is it. We see family and friends as often as they can visit and they bring the all important food with them – so we don’t miss out there either. I find the urge to back to Ireland has long left me.




  1. April 4, 2017 / 10:52 pm

    YES! I can really relate to this post. We spend our holidays visiting family and friends. It is also so expensive to get on a plane and leave Jersey with the kids. Argh.

  2. April 5, 2017 / 4:46 pm

    I can totally understand why you feel this way. We haven’t really had a holiday since Ben was born nearly 5 years ago – we’re always visiting friends and family. But it would be nice to have a real break one day.

  3. April 9, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    I totally get this, I can see why you’d want to spend your free time with your own little family instead of racing round trying to get home. Do they not come to see you? I’d jump at visiting family if they lived in Cyprus lol xxx

  4. May 18, 2017 / 9:21 am

    Great post – can also relate! We haven’t been home in 3 years! From California it’s just so far and so stressful with the kids. It’s also horrendous jet lag for little ones. Last time it took our son a week to adjust! Our littlest hasn’t even been back to visit yet. We are potentially moving back to the UK soon though, as it’s just so far for people to visit and for us to go back, so we basically never see anyone. There are also, boring job and visa reasons. I’m already panicking about the sunhine factor though… x

    • Susan
      May 24, 2017 / 9:39 am

      I would definitely be panicking about the (lack of) sunshine but I can really relate to never seeing family and friends. I find it very hard raising our family without the support of family as it really does take a village. I hope if you do decide to go home, that the move is goes smoothly for you all x thanks so much for reading x

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